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Out Of Bounds Studios is a small game studio led by Alexander Birke. I aim to create games with novel mechanics that bring players into new exciting unexplored worlds.

Work for hire

I offer outsourcing and consulting for games and interactive experiences with a focus on visualizations, juicy interactions and good game feel. Automation, custom workflows, and VR are other areas I have experience with. If you want to get in touch you can contact me here.

You can check out some of the prior projects I worked on below.

Kurt and planes.jpg

11-11 Memories Retold

I wrote the painterly render pipeline for this narrative game for PC and console directed by the creator of Valiant Hearts and artwork done by Aardman Animations. The pipeline I wrote take the 3D models in the scene and paints on top of them with brush strokes to give it the final painterly look. Artists can control the effect with settings on a global, per material and per texel level.

whaling stations.PNG

LIDAR Interactive Kiosks

This project involved the development of a multitouch interface that allows visitors to explore massive LIDAR scans of the whaling stations on South Georgia. I was responsible for the content management system, touch screen UI and interaction design and integration with the kiosk hardware.

The project won a British Television Society Award in the interactive media category.

Twit and Miss.jpg

Roald Dahl's Twit or Miss

A fun swipe based game for iOS & Android where you have to prevent Mr. Twit's messy eating from covering his wife in crumbs, worms, half eaten fish and other nasty things.

I was responsible for UI implementation, gameplay & WebGL deployment.


Airlift Drift VR

I helped Shadow Industries with this VR experience for the GearVR platform. The goal was to turn the Pennzoil Airlift Drift commercial into an immersive experience that puts the user directly next to the muscle car drifting around them.

My work involved coding a system to record and playback car movement along with optimizing the experience to run smoothly on mobile VR.

Bertram Fiddle episode 1

A classic point and click game for iOS, Android and PC. I worked on the first episode as game designer and programmer. As a designer I helped with puzzle, narrative, and UI design.

Bertram was made by a small team so I made sure to automate as much as possible and make custom workflows for the rest. This allowed both me and the animator on the team to set up puzzles and dialogue in the game

last days of old earth.jpg

Last Days of Old Earth

I was lead programmer on this turn based tactics card game hybrid. My role involved building the underlying gameplay structure, graphics programming and supervising the rest of the development team.

This project also involved extending the Unity editor to turn it into a powerful tool for the game designers to create levels and units for the game.

Llama League

Football game for iOS & Android that stars the unruly new characters to the Shaun the Sheep universe.

My role involved implementing ads, analytics, & in app purchases.


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