Out Of Bounds Games

Out Of Bounds Studios is a small game studio led by Alexander Birke. I aim to create games with novel mechanics that bring players into new exciting unexplored worlds.


Laser Disco Defenders


Buy on Steam - PlayStation Network(cross buy)

Shoot lasers, dodge lasers – stay alive! In this self inflected bullet hell the more you shot the harder the game gets. Choose between 4 different characters and a broad selection of outfits to customize both how you look and how you play the game. Procedural levels keeps the experience fresh and groovy and online high score tables lets you show who’s the king of the dance floor.





A tiny god game where you have to protect your small peeps from realizing they are living on a flat world, and if some find out... you better smush them before they tell the rest. Made in collaboration with Daisy Spiers & Jamie Lewis. You can play it over on GameJolt or Itch.io.


Made for Absurd Aspect Ratio Game Jam this is the first game I have made with Unreal engine. It's an abstract racing game where the aspect ratio changes to frame the action on the screen as you move along the track. The goal is to gett to the end as fast as possible. Hitting crystals slows you down. SynthRider was made in collaboration with Josh Palmer, Daisy Spiers and Jamie Lewis.

Download SynthRider over on itch.io.

Hover Cabby Prototype


Made for Cyperpunk Game Jam 2.0. I wanted to do a game about being a hover cab driver for ages so I decided to give it a shot! I spent a lot of time on refining the controls to make it feel like a floating car and not just an airplane. In this version of the game you fly from checkpoint to checkpoint but I want to expand into a full sandbox experience. You can read an interview over on alphabetagamer where I go into more detail about the game.

Download on itch.io and gamejolt.

Turncoat Protocol

As the sole mortally wounded survivor on a scouting mission to the hostile’s homeworld you have been placed in a virtual simulation. Your goal is to piece your own memories together into viable strategies that can be used against the adversaries before you die. As you delve deeper into your memories it gets harder to keep up the link to the simulation but you must prevail to keep your superiors satisfied with your performance. Check it out on GameJolt!


Connected Caves

A game about exploring endless caves, pondering life, admiring bezier curves and regretting not calling the game No Man’s Caves. Made together with Sam Chester for Ludum Dare 30 with the theme connected worlds. You can grab a build of the game over on it’s itch.io page.


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