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Out Of Bounds Studios is a small game studio led by Alexander Birke. I aim to create games with novel mechanics that bring players into new exciting unexplored worlds.

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A small indie studio founded by Alexander Birke determined to make games with novel and interesting mechanics and themes.

Early history

Out Of Bounds Games was founded by Alexander Birke in 2015 after he had spent a couple of years working in the UK games industry after having moved there from his native Denmark. He wanted to have a platform for creating interesting games that offers something new and exciting for players and also help the game industry become a better place to work by offering a good work environment.

Events and Conferences

Based at the Bristol Games Hub, Alexander is one of the organizers of the Bristol Unity Meetup and active in the local development scene. He often give lectures on the Unity game engine and game development at events and conferences. If you are interested in having Alexander as a speaker you can hit him up on Twitter or drop him an email. Alexander also mentors for Women In Games to help create a more equal gender representation in the industry. He is also an eager game jam participant and often participates in the Ludum Dare game jam.


Key Facts

Out Of Bounds Games

March 2015, Bristol UK

Run by
Alexander Birke



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Speaking History

2016   The Power of Procedural Meshes at Unite Europe

2016   Procedural Meshes in Unity at Unity With The Best webinar

2015   Automate, Streamline, Win! Talk on automation and tools for content driven development in small teams at GDC Europe

2014   Talk on workflow optimization for content driven games at Casual Connect Amsterdam

2014   Talk on Unity editor extensions at the Untied conference in London

2013   Introduction to Unity3d at the Mosaic3DX conference in Cambridge


2016   British Television Society Award for contract work on Explore: The Whaling Stations of South Georgia by Shadow Industries


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