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Out Of Bounds Studios is a small game studio led by Alexander Birke. I aim to create games with novel mechanics that bring players into new exciting unexplored worlds.

Synth Rider - Abstract Racer With Changing Aspect Ratio

Had a lot of fun organizing and participating in Absurd Aspect Ratio Game Jam over the weekend. I was joined by Daisy Spiers, Jamie Lewis, and Josh Palmer. Together we made Synth Rider, an abstract racer where the aspect ratio changes to frame the gameplay, inspired by synthwave and the 80s. You can play the game here https://gormless.itch.io/synthrider-absurd-aspect-ratio-jam…

It was the first time I made a game in Unreal and it was quite interesting to see how the engine differed from Unity which is the engine I normally use. I plan to write a blog post on my first impression on Unreal for other Unity devs to learn from.


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