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LDD Dev Log 3 – Optimus Con and the value of showcasing at smaller events

This weekend my artist Daisy Spiers and me went to the Optimus Bristol Comic Con to showcase Laser Disco Defenders. It was a lot of fun and because LDD was the only game being showcased there we had an easy time attracting people to our booth. One thing that was especially cool was a lot of parents were glad to see a game that could appeal to both their boys and girls. In the end we had over 180 people play the game and handed out 200 flyers, which for a small local event I was very happy about.

The first step in getting people to come over to your booth is to make it visually interesting, so Daisy and I spent a couple of hours on Friday building some eye catching disco pylons out of a pair of disco balls, card board and tin foil. Together with some shiny gold table cloth and a roll up banner we ended up with a pretty nice looking booth that wasn’t too expensive.

Going to events isn’t cheap, but if you can find some close to where you are based it can be a lot cheaper since you don’t have to pay so much for transport and accommodation. Here’s a quick rundown of how much money we spent:

  • £95 to rent the booth
  • £35 on the roll up banner
  • £28 on cards we could hand out to people
  • Around £50 on our amazing disco pylons and £10 on table cloth
  • About £80 on cab fares. This was a lot more than I expected but given the poor bus connections to the venue I decided it was worth it.

On the first day of the event we also found out the laptop the game was running on was about to melt down, so I had to get a cab back to our office and grab another machine to run the game on. A mistake I plan to avoid by testing the setup the game will run on better beforehand.

Having an extra person at the table was really helpful. Showcasing at a convention is a rewarding but tiring experience, so having an extra pair of hands made life a lot easier for taking breaks, grabbing food and talking to people when the booth got busy.


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