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Out Of Bounds Studios is a small game studio led by Alexander Birke. I aim to create games with novel mechanics that bring players into new exciting unexplored worlds.

LDD Dev Log 1 – Laser Disco Defenders Announced!


I’m really excited to announce Laser Disco Defenders, the first title from Out Of Bounds Games. If you are in the mood for some groovy disco beats set in a cool retro sci-fi setting with procedural levels and an interesting twist on the game mechanic of shooting then this is the game for you! Check out the trailer below:


I have been working full time on the game for about 6 months now and it’s been a lot of fun and full of challenges as well. Where a lot of indie developers are embracing the trend of publishing their games themselves I decided that I wanted to find a publisher for the first game I release. The reason for this was that I’m not yet known so I can’t use the reputation of my earlier games to promote new titles I work on. As such I spent a lot of time pitching to publishers last year and have now partnered up with Excalibur Games to help bring this crazy genre mix of a game to life.

To help me out on the art side I have the talented Daisy Spiers summoning spectacular hues and shapes out of thin air and putting them into the game. You should check out her cool portfolio and see what Daisy is up to over on twitter. To spin some groovy original disco tunes and give it the right bleeps and bloops, Red Panda Audio have beamed in and are helping me out on that front.Over the coming months we will share more about the inspiration for the game so if you don’t want to miss anything I’d recommend you sign up for the OOB newsletter at the bottom of the site.



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